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Q is for Quincy [Feb. 1st, 2006|09:43 pm]
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I'm bending the rules slightly on this entry, since 'Quincy' is a type of person rather than a single person from the series Bleach. XD; But since we've never had a real Q character (the previous two were just 'Queens') I figured it would be all right.

A Quincy is a type of human who can see spirits/ghosts. They also have strong spiritual powers, which they can materialize in the form of bows and arrows for defense. (Think of Yusuke's spirit gun, only shooting arrows instead of bullets.) The Quincy's used their powers to kill the Hollows, evil spirits that lurk in the human world. However, unlike the Soul Reapers/Shinigami of the Soul Society, who use their swords to clense the evil spirits and send them on to the Soul Society, the Quincy's powers simply kill the Hollows instantly. This was beginning to cause and imbalance between the Soul Society and the human world, due to the fact that the souls were not returning to the Soul Society. If it had continued, the universe would have been thrust into chaos.

The Soul Reapers tried to reason with the Quincys to get them to stop killing the Hollows, and to leave the job to them, but the Quincys would not listen. In the end, the Soul Reapers felt they had no other option but to kill all of the Quincys.

One of the characters in the present times of Bleach, Uryuu Ishida, is the last living Quincy. (Edit: He's pictured in my icon.) His grandfather was also a Quincy, who tried to get the Soul Reapers to work together with Quincys, so that they could help each other defeat the Hollows. Quincys can sense the Hollow's presence faster than the Soul Reapers in the Soul Society, so they can get to the scene faster than the Soul Reapers can. One day, several Hollows attacked, and Ishida's grandfather was killed long before the Soul Reapers arrived to help. Ishida holds it against the Soul Reapers that they didn't show up in time to help, because he feels that if they had believed in his grandfather's ideas, they would have come to help sooner.

Because of this, Ishida started a contest with the Soul Reapers, Ichigo, (the main character) to see who could kill the most Hollows, so that he could prove that the Quincys were superior to the Soul Reapers. The contest got out of hand, and in the end, the two had to work together to get out alive. Although he still isn't fond of the Soul Reapers/Shinigami, Ishida doesn't seem to mind Ichigo too much anymore, and has actually joined up with him and his friends to rescue Rukia from being executed in the Soul Society.

I think that the Quincys were very interesting, although, they were a bit uncooperative. XD; Ishida is my favorite character in the series, and his bow and arrow powers are really neat. It's interesting how he's the only surviving Quincy.

And there's Q!


[User Picture]From: insaneladybug
2006-02-02 03:36 am (UTC)
Wow! Very interesting indeed. ^^ And poor Ishida. It must be lonely, being the only one of your kind. The concept of the chaotic good (those who want to kill all enemies) vs. the ... what would you call them? XD; "peaceful" good (those who keep the enemies alive) is an old one, especially in anime, but it's always intriguing and at least for me, it never gets old. ^^
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[User Picture]From: sksetokaiba
2006-02-02 04:57 am (UTC)
^^ Yeah, I found the Quincy backstory to be really interesting. I do feel sorry for Ishida, to be the only one left. When he was a kid, his father didn't want to him to learn how to be a Quincy, but he secretly asked his grandfather to teach him.

Yeah...the theme has probably been used many times, but it's always interesting. ^^
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[User Picture]From: ladyofthethread
2006-02-02 05:23 am (UTC)
Interesting. Yes, it's hard to come up with names for certain letters. XD; When I was trying to figure out who to use for P, I found myself wondering if P names even exist in Japanese because I couldn't think of any.
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