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THe Little Admirer: Vic approved DNAngel fic blurb [Feb. 20th, 2006|09:37 am]
Anime In Depth


I guess when I first met Mr. Dark, I was about four. Dark was thieving something from my family, and it was a routine thing for him. But to me, it was quite amazing to watch him work, as I stayed hidden behind one of our statue pillars. You see, our house was one of the biggest in the town. Probably not as big as the Haradas, but not too much smaller either. The phantom thief noticed me, I’m sure of it, but being that I was so small, he more than likely didn’t see me as a threat. He just went right to his work.
It was on his way out that we met face to face. The sirens were everywhere. I had never seen so much panic in my house before at the time. It scared me, frankly. I ran into my room, closing the door. As I was getting into bed, I heard something in my closet. My eyes widened, when Dark emerged.
“Shh! Don’t make a sound. I won’t hurt you.” Dark said softly, putting a finger to my lips with his free hand. He removed it when he saw I wasn’t going to make a sound. “Well now. You’re something refreshing. Almost everyone I’ve run into freaked out.” He sat on the edge of my bed, keeping one eye on the door, and the other on me. “You’re up way past your bedtime, aren’t you?”
“I…wanted to watch you work.” I replied truthfully, offering him a toothless smile.
“Is that so?” Dark smiled gently. “Well, I’m honored to have such an adorable admirer.” He took my little hand in his, and kissed it gently. “I thank you for letting me hide in here, but I must get out now.” The noise in the hallway was getting louder. We could both hear the men searching. “Time to fly.” Just before he went to the window, my door was pushed open.
“Ms. Setsuko!” It was the chief commander, Satoshi Hiwitari. He was a good friend of mine, and we had met once at a party my father had thrown. “Dark, get away from her!”
“What? Do you honestly think I’m gonna hurt a little girl?” Mr. Dark retorted, scooping me up.
“That’s not funny! Put her down!” Hiwitari ordered. “You’re pathetic, using a little girl to escape!”
“Ahh, be quiet, Hiwitari. You’re scarin’ the poor girl.” Mr. Dark said with a smirk, holding me closer, probably just to annoy the Chief. “If you try and send anyone after me, I’ll drop her, and that’s a long way to fall for a little girl.” He added for good measure.
As for me, I wasn’t the least bit frightened. I found the whole thing thrilling. Dark and I took to the skies, leaving the Chief Commander to yell after us.
“Sorry about this, little one.” Dark said, as he put me down on the roof of my house. “Don’t worry, someone will come for you soon. I have to get out of here.” He ruffled my hair then. “You were a big help tonight, Ms. Setsuko. I hope someday I can return the favor.” He turned to take off.
“Mr. Dark?” I called out softly. “Will we see each other again?”
“Only time will tell.” Was the reply I got, as the phantom thief fled into the night air. A single black feather floated to my hand, and I picked it up.

The next morning, father was raving mad. The art work that Mr. Dark had stolen had been a family heirloom. “I can’t believe he got away.”
“Well, at least he didn’t hurt Setsuko.” Mother replied calmly. “She was fast asleep.” Somehow, I couldn’t tell Mother about my own mini-adventure with Mr. Dark. I just smiled, and ate my cereal quietly.
“That’s hardly the point. He stole a priceless heirloom!” Father reiterated. He glanced over at me then. “Are you sure you didn’t see anything, Sweetheart?”
Instinctively, I knew Mr. Dark was depending on me to keep the secret meeting between us a secret. “I’m sure, Daddy. I was asleep. I wish I had seen him.” Inside, my heart was full of pride, for helping Mr. Dark escape. Somehow I knew he wasn’t just stealing the art works for enjoyment. He must have had a greater purpose.
“I am sorry, Mr. Yuki. Your artwork was lost.” Chief Commander Hiwitari was in the kitchen then. He glanced over at me, glinting over his glasses at me. He knew differently than what Mother thought had happened. “Dark used your daughter to escape.”
“What?! How did that happen?” Mother looked over at me. “Setsuko? Did he hurt you? Ooh that creep!” She started checking me over for scrapes or any signs of harm.
“Mother, I’m fine.” I replied around a mouthful of cereal. “Mr. Dark didn’t hurt me at all. It was fun, flying around with him. He was fun!”
“He’ll pay for getting my child involved.” Father added darkly, ignoring my statement all together. He turned to Hiwitari then. “Why didn’t you stop him?”
“I would’ve put your child in jeopardy. I didn’t want to be responsible for him dropping her if he was persued.” Hiwitari replied. “If I may, I’d like a word with Setsuko.”
“Why?” Father asked, coming over, and putting a hand on my shoulder.
“She was a witness to Dark’s actions, and she was victim of attempted abduction. I must question her as protocol.” Without waiting for father, or mother to consent, Hiwitari picked me up, and carried me out of the kitchen. I wondered then what was going to happen.

(The thing that makes this fanfic so special to me is that Vic Mignogna actually approved the storyline. ^^!! He thinks it's a cute idea. Now, Vic hasn't seen this yet, because I'm trying to get up the nerve to send it to him. Anyway, this is my newest trip in the world of fanfiction. I haven't finished it yet, but it looks good so far.)


[User Picture]From: insaneladybug
2006-02-21 02:14 am (UTC)
Telling this from the girl's POV was an interesting and different idea. ^^ Venturing into different methods of storytelling is always a good thing. I'm rather intrigued by the storyline and I'm interested in seeing what happens next.

From what I know about the character Dark, I don't like him too much, but then I've never seen the show and it's irrelevant anyway to what I think of your work. I would be interested in knowing exactly why he is stealing things, though.
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