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Q is for Quincy [Feb. 1st, 2006|09:43 pm]
Anime In Depth

[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

I'm bending the rules slightly on this entry, since 'Quincy' is a type of person rather than a single person from the series Bleach. XD; But since we've never had a real Q character (the previous two were just 'Queens') I figured it would be all right.

A Quincy is a type of human who can see spirits/ghosts. They also have strong spiritual powers, which they can materialize in the form of bows and arrows for defense. (Think of Yusuke's spirit gun, only shooting arrows instead of bullets.) The Quincy's used their powers to kill the Hollows, evil spirits that lurk in the human world. However, unlike the Soul Reapers/Shinigami of the Soul Society, who use their swords to clense the evil spirits and send them on to the Soul Society, the Quincy's powers simply kill the Hollows instantly. This was beginning to cause and imbalance between the Soul Society and the human world, due to the fact that the souls were not returning to the Soul Society. If it had continued, the universe would have been thrust into chaos.

The Soul Reapers tried to reason with the Quincys to get them to stop killing the Hollows, and to leave the job to them, but the Quincys would not listen. In the end, the Soul Reapers felt they had no other option but to kill all of the Quincys.

One of the characters in the present times of Bleach, Uryuu Ishida, is the last living Quincy. (Edit: He's pictured in my icon.) His grandfather was also a Quincy, who tried to get the Soul Reapers to work together with Quincys, so that they could help each other defeat the Hollows. Quincys can sense the Hollow's presence faster than the Soul Reapers in the Soul Society, so they can get to the scene faster than the Soul Reapers can. One day, several Hollows attacked, and Ishida's grandfather was killed long before the Soul Reapers arrived to help. Ishida holds it against the Soul Reapers that they didn't show up in time to help, because he feels that if they had believed in his grandfather's ideas, they would have come to help sooner.

Because of this, Ishida started a contest with the Soul Reapers, Ichigo, (the main character) to see who could kill the most Hollows, so that he could prove that the Quincys were superior to the Soul Reapers. The contest got out of hand, and in the end, the two had to work together to get out alive. Although he still isn't fond of the Soul Reapers/Shinigami, Ishida doesn't seem to mind Ichigo too much anymore, and has actually joined up with him and his friends to rescue Rukia from being executed in the Soul Society.

I think that the Quincys were very interesting, although, they were a bit uncooperative. XD; Ishida is my favorite character in the series, and his bow and arrow powers are really neat. It's interesting how he's the only surviving Quincy.

And there's Q!

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P is for... [Jan. 31st, 2006|10:05 pm]
Anime In Depth

[mood |okayokay]

I couldn’t think of much for P other than YGO characters so I’m doing another Kaleido Star person. ^_^; P is for Passel, Rosetta. She’s pictured on one of the DVD covers for the series: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0002VKZQG/qid=1138759427/sr=1-10/ref=sr_1_10/102-8014562-3143341?s=dvd&v=glance&n=130

Rosetta Passel is the Belgium born world diablo champion. (The thing that she’s holding in the picture is a diablo. There’s also a set of sticks joined by a rope and you’re supposed to spin the center of the diablo along the rope and do tricks with it.) When she first came to the Kaleido Stage, she was supposed to be a special attraction for a week or so. However, after the first performance, Kalos the owner told her he wasn’t happy with the show. Rosetta rarely smiled and thought that the most important thing about a performance was doing everything right and never making a mistake. Despite her skills, the audience was bored because it was like watching a machine.

Despite initial resistance, she’s given a week to come up with a new performance along with the protagonist Sora. Eventually, they come to work together and do a “diablo battle” with the two of them juggling diabolos back and fourth on swinging platforms. Although Rosetta makes a mistake during the show, she learns to enjoy performing again.

Rosetta leaves afterwards but later returns to help out Sora and her friends after Kaleido Stage is taken over and they’re out of work. Together, they put together their own performance group and get a job as entertainers at an amusement park. However, thanks to interference by Yuri (the new owner of Kaleido Stage), they’re soon fired. At this point, Rosetta suggests that they travel to Canada to compete in a performance festival there. The others are enthusiastic but Yuri manages to ruin things again.

During the second season, Rosetta runs away from her mother/agent and goes to Sora at Kaleido Stage. She tells Sora that she has inspired her; she wants to join the troupe and become a trapeze artist, too, although her agent doesn’t approve. Sora agrees to help her but before they can speak to Kalos, Rosetta’s mother arrives and we learn that she was worried Rosetta would push herself and become like a machine again. In the end, she agrees though and Rosetta is allowed to stay. I’m not sure how she does after that though since only the first volume of season 2 is out so far. ^_^;

Rosetta isn’t one of my favorite characters from Kaleido Star but she’s okay. She rather reminds me of Rebecca from YGO. She was the youngest diablo world champion ever. Plus, she was rather stuck up when she first appeared but eventually became friends with the other characters. And I found it pretty amusing that when she opened her bag in Sora’s room after running away, the first thing she pulled out was a huge teddy bear. XD
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O, the woes of getting O.... [Jan. 31st, 2006|12:52 pm]
Anime In Depth
I am going to make this very short paragraph. I am going to Oliver, from Beyblade. I thought I did him once before, but according to the archives, it was Odion i did. (Must've talked to Daisy that night...LOL). Oliver is the represents the French beybladers on his team, The Majestics. He's a very talented artist, cook, and beyblader. His father owns a very popular restaurant chain. He has green hair, and I think amber eyes. It's been so long since I've seen a picture of him, I forget. The Majestics was the team I enjoyed following in my Beyblade stint, and consequently, Oliver is the one who gave me the idea for Victoria's school to go off to Paris...heh...getting off track. I'm sorry. So yeah. I will try to find a pic of Oliver if anyone is interested.
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Fruits Basket Fanart [Jan. 30th, 2006|10:08 pm]
Anime In Depth

[mood |fullfull]

I already posted this in my own journal but forgot to share it here yesterday. ^_^; For Chinese New Year, I decided to draw Shigure from Fruits Basket since it’s the year of the dog. Happy Chinese New Year!

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Anime Essay: The Getbackers [Jan. 30th, 2006|09:32 am]
Anime In Depth
This essay focuses on the show, the Getbackers, and three character analysis. First the background for the show. Get Backers is about two friends nmed Ginji Amano and Ban Midou, who run a recovery service. They promise to find anything from lost keychains to lost memories. These two friends aren't just your average detectives though. They each have very special powers. Ginji has the power to charge electricity through his body. Ban has two powers, thanks to his grandmother being a witch. He has what is known as the Jagen Eye (yes, spelled like Hiei's.)With just one glance, he can cause his opponent to have a 1 minute nightmare. The draw back is he can only use it once a day. The other power is more of a physical nature. He has a really really good grip. Though the exact level of exertion escapes me at the moment, I know it's pretty strong. It is called the Snake Bite. Throughout their different cases, the duo has some pretty interesting adventures, and have plenty of chances to visit their various pasts.

The characters I am going to analyze from this show are Ginji,Makubex and Jubei. I have chosen these three characters for their intense pasts, and the choices they've made as a result of them.

First to explain Makubex. Makubex is a child of the Limitless fortress. (More about that later.) He was abandoned as a baby, and then taken in by a kind old man. It is soon discovered that Makubex is a computer genius. This would later lead to some rather dangerous circumstances. As a young teen, Makubex joins up with the prominent Voltz, which is led by the Lightening Empoeror, Ginji Amano. When the Voltz disbanded after their leader left them, Makubex is very angry. He then spends all his time trying to bring those who are on the lower levels of the Limitless Foretress to the top, known as Babylon Tower. In doing so, he causes the Getbackers, along with a host of other former Fortress occupants to join up, to retrieve the IL (Infraction Lense) to keep him from making an Atom Bomb.

One might ask why he would go through something like that, if all he wanted was to have Ginji back. My reply is that Makubex felt abandoned. After he joined the Voltz, he didn't feel the need to go back to his old foster father. He wanted to take over for the Lightening Emperor. Some of the old Voltz members followed him, but many more left, feeling that he didn't have the same ability to bring change that Ginji had had. Thus, Makubex set out to prove them wrong.

Ginji Amano is/ was the Lightening Emperor. Like Makubex, Ginji is a child of the Limitless Fortress. His power to generate electricity bought him the popularity he needed to become the leader of the most prominent gang, the Voltz. As the leader, Ginji stood for change, and rights. The Voltz weren't exactly a bad, rough and tough type gang. In fact, they were quite the opposite. Ginji, and those who followed him wanted equality among the sections of the Limitless Fortress. Like all good things, Ginji's time at the Limitless Fortress ran out. Things changed for him when he met Ban Midou, who showed him what life was like on the outside world. (For you see, the Limitless Fortress was like a world on it's own. It had it's own government, and everything. It is basically a building that went unfinished, and it took on a life of it's own!). Ginji made a difficult choice when he decided to leave the Voltz, and athe Limitless Fortress. Little did he know, that he would be fighting some of his former friends years later.

Jubei was another former member of the Voltz. His loyalty has always been divided. He and Kazuki (See an upcoming essay for more on the Thread Master. He is one of my favorite characters in this series!) have been friends since childhood, and years later, it would be that friendship that is challenged. His choice to follow Makubex may or may not have been out of anger with Ginji. He more than likely believed that Makubex could, and would bring about the changes Ginji would have wanted. Jubei's loyalty to Makubex was probably out of desperation. Luckily, he realized that Makubex's way of "bringing about change" was the wrong way.

That is my essay on the series, and the characters of The Getbackers. I hope you've found it intriguing, and maybe get interested in taking a peak at it.

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Anime Essay:Rozen Maiden [Jan. 29th, 2006|10:23 am]
Anime In Depth
So, I've got a new anime that I really really like. Not that it's totally new to me. It's called Rozen Maiden. It's about a boy named Jun, who has a had a traumatic experience in school, and so he's not beeen to school for a long time. Instead, he spends his time shopping at home online for mostly useless junk. One day, he orders online, and the website tells him to place the order in his drawer. Thinking it's a joke, he does. Later, a trunk arrives, and inside it, an esquisite doll arrives. Once wound up, the doll comes to life, and makes Jun her servant. Throughout the course of the series, the doll Shinku and her various other friends help Jun to overcome his fear, and come to terms with his past. At first glance, this anime may seem a bit weird, probably something out of a Stephen King comic (ie: the talking dolls with powers), but it really is a lot deeper than that. This series has a lot of meaning, and honestly, I could write a deep fanfiction or poem about it if I wanted to.

I feel really bad for Jun, and often wondered what he was like before this so-called event took place at school. He reminds me very much of Max from Pokemon, or Mokuba, but a much more tragic character.

His sister Nori is almost like Serenity Wheeler. She's very quiet, and submissive.She does everything she's told to do by Jun, until Shinku appears. Then she starts sticking up for herself later. But mostly, she's worried about her younger brother.

If you haven't seen Rozen Maiden, I highly suggest you finding a way to see it. It's good, and sweet.
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ABC Next Letters [Jan. 26th, 2006|04:12 pm]
Anime In Depth

[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

I know several people haven't finished their letters, but let's go ahead and assign new ones to the ones that have. ^^ For those that haven't finished theirs yet, just take your time. There's no hurry.

Here's what we have so far this round:

A – Abarai, Renji
B – Byakuya Kuchiki
C – Chazz Princeton
D – Doumeki
E – Enki
F – Fish-Eye
G - (Oro)
H - (Lous)
I - Iruka
J - Jin
K - Kalos
L - Leon
M - (Roene)

New letters:

N - Faye
O - Lizzie
Q - SK

New letters will be assigned to you three, Oro, Lous, and Roene, as soon as you finish your current letters. ^^ Don't feel rushed or anything, though! Take your time. ^^

Have fun!

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I is for Iruka [Jan. 24th, 2006|07:51 am]
Anime In Depth
Well, this time I have an I, and I decided to go with Iruka from Naruto. Iruka is the main teacher at the Ninja academy. He has black hair, and brown eyes. He cares very much for his students, but he knows how to get down to business when duty calls for it. (Like when Naruto defaced the statues of the great Hokages to get attention. OOh boy, did he get it!!) On the flip side, Iruka has had a past similar to Naruto's, and therefore can sympathize with the ninja in training. He loves Naruto like a son, and it's proven when he nearly dies for the sake of saving Naruto in the very beginning against Mitsuki. As a teacher, Iruka tries his best to prepare his students for the world outside of the villiage. As a friend, he can relate to his tudents in ways no one else can. In a nutshell, Iruka may seem like an old softie, but he can definitely be a formidable opponent when necessary.
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K is for Kalos [Jan. 20th, 2006|11:59 pm]
Anime In Depth

[mood |okayokay]

K is for Kalos Eido from Kaleido Star. Kalos is a former magician and the owner of the Kaleido Stage. Ten years ago, he injured his fingers and they never recovered well enough for him to perform magic again. So, he retired from magic and used the money he received from the insurance to build the Kaleido Stage. There, the company performs amazing spectacles that combine drama with acrobatics, trapeze work, rope walking, etc.

His first appearance in the series is during a chance encounter with the protagonist, Sora, who has traveled to America from Japan to audition for the Kaleido Stage. Sora catches Kalos’s attention at a newsstand when she asked for directions to Kaleido Stage. Without warning, Kalos bends down and starts scrutinizing her legs and grabs a shin, saying that she has good muscles. Sora freaks out and scrambles away, thinking he’s a pervert. XD; It comes as quite a shock to her when Kalos shows up later and one of the Kaleido Stage workers calls him “boss.”

Despite being late and missing the audition, Kalos decides to let Sora stay. However, he does some things that can make him seem like a jerk, such as not giving Sora a role in Cinderella at first although all the other trainees were included. He does strange things like that a few times during the series, apparently testing Sora.

Later on, after Sora has gained some recognition and the opportunity to co-star with Layla (the company’s top female star), many people begin leaving Kaleido Stage to join a new troupe that’s starting up. It turns out the person behind it is the Kaleido Stage’s leading man, Yuri, who wants revenge on Kalos. Yuri’s father had also been a performer at Kaleido Stage and died attempting a difficult trapeze maneuver. Yuri thinks Kalos forced his father to do it and considers him responsible for the death.

Despite a good effort by Sora, Layla, and the others that remained, the major investors pulled out of Kaleido Stage and Yuri was able to take it over. However, his new company fails to draw audiences and he announces without consulting them first that Layla and Sora will perform the great legendary maneuver in one month. (It’s supposed to be so dangerous that everyone who had attempted it had died and was the feat that Yuri’s father had been training for when he died.) As a result, Layla and Sora make a bet with him. If they are able to pull off the performance, Yuri will have to return the Kaleido Stage.

Kalos who had been quiet since losing the Kaleido Stage reappears to supervise Layla and Sora’s training at the Grand Canyon. In spite of difficulties, Layla and Sora are able to win their bet and the Kaleido Stage is restored to Kalos’s control.

I don’t particularly care either way about Kalos although he does seem a bit harsh at times. It somewhat amuses me though that his hair seems to have similar coloring to the main part of Yugi’s, black with red ends. *laugh*
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J is for Jin [Jan. 20th, 2006|05:36 pm]
Anime In Depth

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[music |What Planet is This? - Cowgirl Ed OST]

I'll do my entry for J on Jin, from Samurai Champloo. ^^

Jin was a ronin samurai when he and Mugen, a reckless fighter, accidentally crossed paths in a teahouse. The two started a swordfight, and in the midst of the confusion, the teahouse ended up burning to the ground. Afterwards, the two were both arrested and ordered to be publicly executed. Fuu, a ditzy waitress from the teahouse that had burnt down, visited them the night before their execution, and made them a proposition: she would help them escape if they promised to help her with one favor.

After successfully escaping, Jin and Mugen turned to each other to finish their fight, but Fuu would have none of it. Since they couldn’t decide which took preference, (finishing their fight or helping Fuu), Fuu flipped a coin to decide, and she won. XD So bound by their promise to Fuu, they were forbidden to kill each other before they complete her task: help her find the samurai who smells of sunflowers.

Jin is definitely the more serious one of the three. He rarely says much at all, and when he does, he’s pretty soft-spoken. (Although, he’s very observant.) He’s polite, mannerly, and has a strong sense of duty. He carries two swords, although he only ever fights with one. Mugen and Fuu can often pester him into doing anything, from being the one stuck with all the chores, to having to pawn off his glasses to get money! Although he and Mugen start off hating both each other and their "mission" (the two would take any chance to ditch Fuu), after a while, they not only begin to go with Fuu without her pestering them every step of the way, they even start to care about each other, although the two guys would never admit it. XD Fuu shows it much more than the other two.

Jin’s past is pretty mysterious. He apparently killed his master, although the circumstances of the fight are unknown so far. (I assume more will be explained in the last disc of the series.) His fellow students are all hunting him down, determined to avenge their master.

I really like Jin as a character, since he's the more serious type, and is pretty interesting. He remains pretty quiet during most of their adventures, although when he fights, he's not timid. I think he's a pretty cool character. ^^

Below is a picture of Jin, although, he's also in my icon. ^^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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