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N is for.... [Feb. 1st, 2006|09:42 pm]
Anime In Depth


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I decided it was time to do my N post. XD; I was having trouble thinking of an N character, but then I remembered one and found that he hadn't been used. ^^

Image hosting by Photobucket This is Nephrite/Nephlite/Neflyte from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. ^^ I prefer the last spelling, so I will use that (even though the first is the original). He is the second of the four Generals/Kings belonging to the Dark Kingdom. (I did the first one, Jadeite, a long time ago.)

In the manga, it's explained that Neflyte and the other three served as Prince Endymion's (Mamoru in a past life) protectors, until Queen Beryl took and brainwashed them to work for her. They have no memories of their times spent as protectors, at least not at first, and in the anime this angle, sadly, either does not exist or it simply was not explored. In the anime, the Generals seem to not even be human, as their blood is green. o.o;

Anyway, Neflyte is assigned to gather energy from humans (I think, it's been a while since I saw the first arc) and to find the Imperium Silver Crystal, which is residing inside someone. He relies on the stars for his powers and Zoycite is insanely jealous of him, as she/he (another dub gender change character) wanted to be the one chosen to do the stuff. So she's always hanging around bothering him at the abandoned mansion he stays in.

He's also taken up an alias as a businessman named Maxfield Stanton (sorry, I don't know the Japanese name here) and unfortunately for Usagi, her best fried Naru/Molly falls in love with him and he starts to manipulate her without her realizing it. So Usagi is in a predicament not knowing what to do, because she knows Neflyte's true identity, but if she reveals it to Molly, she probably won't believe it, and at any rate, it will expose Usagi as Sailor Moon. She does try to tell her that Maxfield Stanton isn't good for her, but Molly refuses to believe it.

To make a long story short, one time the Senshi are having a confrontation with Neflyte and it's to the point where Sailor Moon can kill him ... until Molly jumps in the way. This stuns Neflyte and he begins to wonder what true love really is like. He has never really believed in himself, and yet Molly does, insisting that there is good within him even after discovering his true identity. He struggles with this for a while, wondering if it's right for him to use Molly, and Zoycite notices. Deciding that perhaps Neflyte is having doubts about using Molly, Zoycite has some of her minions abduct her. She intends for him to kill Neflyte so that Zoycite can take over. But Neflyte manages to defeat them and escapes with Molly.

They talk for a while, and Neflyte actually seems to relax a bit, seeming to enjoy the break from all the chaos and the treachery of the Dark Kingdom. Then Zoycite and her minions attack again. In the end, Neflyte is fatally wounded when he tries to protect Molly. The Senshi came to help fight, but they weren't quick enough. Neflyte tells Sailor Moon that her identity won't leak out (as he had found out she is Usagi) and then tells Molly that he's sorry for lying to her once again, as they won't be able to get the chocolate parfait they had been talking about. His body fades away while Molly kneels on the grass, weeping.

Neflyte is one of my favorites of the Generals. He's a fascinating, complex character, one of the kind who does indeed turn out to have goodness even though initially he seems completely bad. And I'm a sucker for characters who sacrifice themselves for others. XD;

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[User Picture]From: insaneladybug
2006-02-03 05:44 am (UTC)
XD; Molly isn't one of the Senshi. She's a red-haired girl and the dub gave her a Brooklyn accent.
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