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F is for Full Moon Wo Sagashite [Sep. 22nd, 2006|10:29 pm]
Anime In Depth


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I chose to do Full Moon Wo Sagashite because even though I could've done FUll Metal Alchemist or Full Metal Panic, I didn't want to be too obvious!

Full Moon is about a girl named Mitsuki who has throat tumor. One day, after being told by her doctor she couldn't go to a singing audition because of her tumor, she meets two Shinigami named Takuto Kira and Mereko. They inform Mitsuki that she only has one year to live. Knowing this, the girl hurries off to try and auditon anyway, only to find out that she needed to be sixteen. Takuto then makes a deal with her, that if they help her dream come true by her time to go, then she would have to go with them quietly. As the deal is sealed, Takuto gives Mitsuki a special pill that allows him to transform her into her sixteen year old form, which she calls Full Moon.

The best thing about the show is its endearing quality, and how it deals with the choices we make in our life. It basically asks you, "IF you only had a certain amount of time to live, what would you do with it?" In Mitsuki's case, her dream was to sing. And she wanted it badly. That is my reasoning for why Takuto broke the rules of a shinigami, and helped her with magic and all that.

What I don't like about this show so far is the dub version. Now, you all know me. I am not a huge basher of dubs. I've only found one or two that I liked in Japanese better. Full Moon wo Sagashite was introduced to me Japanese, and I guess that can make all the difference in some cases. However, the series is finally reaching a wider audience, and I will gladly receive any fellow Full Moon fans, whether they be fans of the Jap, dub, or manga. I will say this about the dub on two positive notes, however. Excellent voice cast, especially for Takuto. And I am glad that they kept the Japanese music and didn't attempt to change it into English. The original Japanese music is great!


[User Picture]From: insaneladybug
2006-09-23 03:10 am (UTC)
It would also be good to mention that in her Full Moon body, Mitsuki is completely healthy. As Mitsuki, she can't sing out as long as she needs to. And Takuto's reasons go a lot deeper than just because he saw how badly Mitsuki wanted to achieve her dream. I really wish I could talk more freely about the show to you, but since I watch the anime and you read the manga more, I don't know what would be a spoiler and what wouldn't be. XD;

And Meroko's full name (in this form) is Meroko Yui. (You keep spelling her name wrong. XD; There aren't two E's, unless that's the way the English manga is....) Has her earth life been shown yet in the manga, and Takuto's?

I was pleased about them keeping the Japanese music when I heard that dub clip. I'm surprised they didn't try to translate Mitsuki's songs, though.
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[User Picture]From: invincible1863
2006-09-23 02:37 pm (UTC)

Their lives

Meroko,yes, Takuto, not so much, though I do know that he has a connection Wakoji and Mitsuki's father in the music business. I got that much from the couple of episodes I watched with Izumi.
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[User Picture]From: inspired_mind
2006-09-23 01:26 pm (UTC)
Seen the anime completely, liked it a lot. There is dub now too? Woosh, sounds scary, but good to hear they didn't change the songs ^^

I really need to read the manga one of these days...
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